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About Us

Meet the Company...

Tracey, 54
  • Over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry

Caitlin, 23

  • Masters of Science in Chemistry
  • Research in Green Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Analytical

THEORY Skin Care Company is a small, family-run company. The two company leaders work together to provide you with new, interesting, and effective products. We combine our knowledge of the beauty industry (over 30 years) and the knowledge from the biology and chemistry worlds.
      After suffering from acne all my life, as a mother I watched as my daughter also suffer the cruel affects of acne. I knew between the knowledge of the beauty world and the chemistry and biology world my daughter and I could help ourselves and others over come the horrible results of acne. Along the way we were helping people with aging issues and sun damage.... This is how THEORY was born.
     We test all of our products ourselves to ensure that they are safe and effective. We test them all on our own skin. Theory never tests any of our products on animals, we are cruelty free, ALWAYS!